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MOVet Home Page
Welcome to
Missouri Veteran Aid

  • World War II

    Most of the Greatest Generation is already in need of the kind of assistance that the Aid and Attendance was designed to help with. Call us today if your loved one is connected to a World War II veteran

  • Korean War

    Action is needed now. Korean War veterans may receive up to $63,036 less than a similarly situated World War II vet. Find out how you can prevent this loss.

  • Viet Nam War

    Long term care needs may seem far into future, but with the new changes to the Aid and Attendance benefit, Vietnam War vets will be in danger of delaying their benefit up to 3 years without proper planning.


A debt of gratitude

For Wartime Veterans, Spouses and Widows

"If you can read this, thank a Teacher;
since you can read this in English, thank a Vet ”

Get the Help You Need Now...

Since 2009, the professionals associated with MOVeteranAid have dedicated hours of pro bono time to helping families get the information and advice they need in order to be sure that their senior veteran, spouse or widow is taken care of in the best way possible.
Planning for seniors involves very detailed expertise concerning the Veterans Benefit, Medicaid eligibility, proper care and protective environments, tax issues and allowances for various family dynamics. Whether you have a quick question or need help in establishing an entire estate plan for your loved one, you can get the help you need by scrolling down the page.


Aid and Attendance benefits for grace, safety and dignity

Helping Families Find their Way

You'll always know what to do next with our "Roadmap to VA Benefits Planning."

  • Loving Care

    The first priority for everyone is to make sure that Mom, Dad or your Loved one is getting exactly the kind of care they need. As people age, more help from others makes for a safer and healthier environment. Have questions about appropriate care? We can help you.

  • Wartime Service Documents

    Never send originals to the VA. Only very specific documents are acceptable in order to process a case. We have the guidelines for obtaining them and some helpful hints if they are lost. Get the guidelines HERE

  • Documenting Appropriate Health Care

    Eligibility requires that medical expenses are necessary and appropriate, among other factors. We can send you a our worksheet, "3 C's of Proper Care," which describes the criteria the VA may look for.

  • Financial Analysis for Tax, Benefits and Medicaid

    The worst thing families can do, and the most common mistake they make, is to embark on a course of action in order to get the Aid and Attendance Benefit, only to disqualify their senior for Mediciad benefits in their time of greatest need. Planning for wbad case contingencies is one of our primary tasks.

  • Specialized Estate Planning

    Many families require estate planning which includes powers of attorney, health care directives and trusts. Only VA Accredited attorneys should be involved in the process if you are contemplating an application. Further, the rules for handling trust funds are far more complex than for ordinary investments. We're here to help every step of the way.

  • Legacy for a Lifetime and Beyond

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A Few Statistics About MOVeteranAid

  • 651

    Families Served

    Since 2009, MOVeteranAid has been educating veteran families at community workshops in three counties and helping plan for their VA benefit. We only work with families, because some of the requirements for long term care will require a guardian other than the veteran or widow to make key decisionsor carry out important tasks.

  • 1,527

    Hours of Free Consults

    We offer free consultations to veteran families, which include invaluable informationabout proper health care, senior environments the VA application process and prudent estate planning to make sure seniors are safe, healthy and happy.

  • 3,917

    Months of Assistance

    We work to get veterans and their loved ones the best care. Many seniors could not afford to live in a caring community without the help this benefit brings. By using a strategy that includes Social Security, Medicare and Veteran Benefits, together with family reqources, your family can insure the comfort of Mom or Dad.

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them”

-President John F. Kennedy

Frequently Asked Questions

"VA Benefit, Medicaid and Legacy Planning can get awfully complicated."

  • “I have Korean Wartime service, but I don't need any personal healthcare. Is there something I should do now?"


    Lee F.
    Korean War Vet
    Retired 12 years ago

  • “My dad serve din World War II and my mom is in a dementia care community. Other than that, she's in good health. Can she get the benefit?


    Kurt B.
    Concerned son

  • “Our kids live pretty far away, and this entire process seems confusing. Is there a way that we can still get help?


    Karl and Maria V
    Married 50 years

  • “One of my clients is afraid their parents will spend over $450,000 in a nursing home over the next few years. Can they protect any of that legacy without risking their ability to get Medicaid benefits?”


    Roger P.
    Certified Public Accountant

  • “My mom finally moved into assisted living. We need to sell her house in order to pay for her care. What are the rules about house sales and VA eligibility?"


    Analise R.
    One of five children. Sole caregiver.

  • “I have residents at my senior community who have been disqualified from teh benefit and forced to pay back every dollar they received. Is there anything that can be done for them? Is there anything to be done to prevent it from happening to other residents?"


    Karen D.
    Senior Community Marketing Director

Easy to talk to, just a click away

We're dedicated to helping veteran families secure a future filled with grace, dignity and security for their senior loved ones. We offer a complimentary evaluation and initialplan for any veteran connected family. Our plans comport with IRS, Medicaid (MO Healthnet) and UPIA standards for the greatest safety and reliability